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From: Carol Smith <>
Subject: Re: Scot Catholics?
Date: Mon, 02 Feb 1998 18:01:55 -0600

> Hello all,
> A curious thought has passed my might and I decided to throw it up
> to you
> all. My great-grand father was a Scot...a John Cameron...who married a
> catholic Irish lass in Tralee. Would it be likely that he was a
> Catholic? I
> know enough to be very skeptical about the possibility that he was, but
> would
> like some opinions.
In answer to this: I don't know about the Scot Catholic connection, but
on my Beauchamp side, my ancestor, John Beauchamp, a Catholic, son
married a Quaker. John was the first of my Beauchamps to come to the
colonies back in 1600's. His son who married the Quaker is my direct
lineage. According to the records the wedding took place with both
families blessings!

Even more curious was my grandfather Beauchamp, a Catholic, married my
grandmother Huber who converted to Christian Science. But, she gave it
up when my Dad got into medical school! :O

Carol in KS

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