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From: <>
Subject: Re: Mail Problems
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 21:57:48 EST


I went to AOL Live Tech help. Follows a copy of my conversation with the

AOLTechOAH:Welcome to Member Help Interactive. Please present your
question, and I will be with you in just a moment. :)
AOLTechOAH:My name is HOAH ! Currently it is 7:26 PM MST. I may be helping
up to 6 people at the same time so--your patience is appreciated. Please
don't hesitate to ask your questions at any time. :o)
PQLEAR:Having email probs Sometimes type size goes to teeny tiny
PQLEAR:Last week I also had new mail that was unavailable
PQLEAR:Also people on other servers cannot email me directly They have to
go thru a list
AOLTechOAH:Do you get any errors or messages when this happens?
PQLEAR:No Last nite had several messages type was real small Click them
open again they are normal
PQLEAR:On the new mail Box just says unavailable
PQLEAR:I belong to a Roots mail list and others are having same probs
PQLEAR:Non AOL people cannot email AOL people directly
PQLEAR:Has AOL changed the MIME encoding or something
AOLTechOAH:Are these emails from the internet?
PQLEAR:Yep AOL emails seem fine
AOLTechOAH:Where are they coming from? what site?
PQLEAR:Oh Wait I sent email to an AOL member today and she got it small
PQLEAR:It's a Roots mail list Genealogy Research
PQLEAR:That's type not typw
PQLEAR:I sent one letter of tiny type to friend on line for her to see last
nite and she got it normal
AOLTechOAH:Send me some email please.
PQLEAR:It's such a huge membership that I don't keep them all I delete a
PQLEAR:Let me see if I have one
AOLTechOAH:Send me email from your account...compose it.
PQLEAR:I sent you one I got
>>>I sent the tech a note sent to me by GeneMargie, an AOL member and S-I List
AOLTechOAH:Send me email from your account...compose it.
AOLTechOAH:Do not forward me anything.
PQLEAR:I composed one
AOLTechOAH:Thank you...all looks well...can you have that email server send
me something. I want to compare the routes in them
PQLEAR:I can sure ask and see
AOLTechOAH:It would be helpful...there is not enough information yet to
start figuring it out.
PQLEAR:OK Will see what I can do about getting something sent to you

Linda, Is it possible for Roots to send AOLTechOAH a note so they can see
what the problem is?

Sharon in MO

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