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From: linda Merle <>
Subject: Early Documentation of the Picts
Date: Mon, 02 Feb 1998 22:09:22 -0800

Hi, this weekend I went down to the local SuperCrown Bookstore and
there was a version of the Anglo Saxon Chronicles. These were written
by Anglo Saxon monks in England, documenting a thousand years of
history, ending with Henry II. There are seven manuscripts and
two fragments. They begin in pre-Roman time. This edition is not the
most scholarly -- but it has absolutely fantastic pictures of
art and castles and churches built by the Anglo Saxons.

Here is the beginning: "The island of Britain is eight hundred
miles long and two hundred miles broad. Here on this island are
five languages: English, Brito-Welsh, Scottish, Pictish, and
Latin. The first inhabitants of this land were the Britons,
who came from Armonica, and at first occupied the south of
Britain. Then it happened that the Picts came from Scythia in
the south, with longships, not many, and came at first to
Northern Hibernia [Northern Ireland]. They asked the Scots
if they might live there, but they would not let them, because
they said that they could not all live together there. The
Scots said, "We can give you advice, nevertheless; we know of
another island east of here where you may dwell if you wish,
and if anyone withstands you, we will help you, so that you may
accomplish it." Then the Picts went into this land, to the
north, and in the south the British had it. The Picts asked for
wives from the Scots and this was granted on the condition that
their royal ancestry always be traced from the woman's side; they
have long since held to this. After some years it happened that
some of the Scots went from Hibernia to Britain and overcame
part of the land. Their war-leader was named Reoda, and because
of him they are called Daelreodi." 9p 18)

Includes various genealogies, kings of Wessex and England
6-9th century. (I am grateful that my mother did not call me
"Athelbald".) Also the genealogies of the Norman and Plantagenet

"The Anglo Saxon Chronicles" Translated and collated by Anne Savage,
published 1997 by CLB, copyrighted 1984 by CLB International,
Goldalming, Surrey ISBN 1-85833-478-0

Linda Merle

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