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From: Bonnie M Fountain< >
Subject: Re: Edgington
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 1998 05:35:25 EST

On Mon, 2 Feb 1998 20:15:05 -0500 "Steven Oge" <> writes:
>Can anyone do a look up of the name EDGINGTON. I've looked
>in the "Dictionary of English Surnames" and it wasn't there.
>Is It Irish, Scottish, both or neither/
>Steve Oge
Hi Steve,

I'd suggest that you try looking under EDINGTON or EDDINGTON. I find no
EDGINGTON in any Irish or Scottish reference books. Black's says the
name as suggested above comes "From the old barony of the same name in
the parish of Chirnside, Berwickshire." The earliest appearance of the
name seems to have been 1166. Early spellings include EDENTOUNE, de

There was a Sidney EDGERTON (1818-1900) American politician born in NY.
That's the only similar name I can find.

Bonnie M. Fountain

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