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From: Bonnie M Fountain< >
Subject: Re: Nut Joke
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 1998 05:35:25 EST

On Mon, 2 Feb 98 17:32:47 UT "J. L. Jones" <>
>Bonnie, funny I think of that grumpy old gentleman who takes out his
teeth to bite the nurse as being ornery...mischievous.
>That same 'gentleman', if he is recalcitrant and consistently mean in
his intent, he's cantankerous. Oh, well. A fun diversion.
That reminds me of my Ayrshire grandpa who was deaf and wore a hearing
aid. We'd all be sitting 'round the dinner table, everyone making polite
conversation. Grandpa'd get his share of questions from all of us, and
he'd nod or shake his head, but he didn't contribute much other than
that. He got away with it for a while, until he nodded his head when he
should have shaken it, and someone noticed he wasn't wearing his

Sometimes I've envied his ability to shut out the world when he so chose.

Not related to the subject you bring up, Joanna, but when we asked him
why he was deaf (when the hearing aid was in sight), he said he was
running to catch a tram in Ayr when he was a boy, and as it was pulling
away, someone grabbed him by the ear and pulled him aboard. Amazing that
he was deaf in both ears.......

His granny was born in Co. Down, and somehow I think he inherited some
Irish blarney from her, if Ulster folk would admit to that??? Aaron?

Bonnie M. Fountain

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