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From: Bonnie M Fountain< >
Subject: An Answer to AOL Problems
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 1998 05:35:25 EST

On Mon, 2 Feb 1998 15:32:23 EST writes:
>Shirley wrote-
>>I'm also on aol and have no print size changes, but would trade them
for my problem, which is that some messages come through on a lovely
purple background. Sometimes the purple is light enough for me read over,
with difficulty, but sometimes it is so dark it is impossible. Am I the
only one struggling with deep purple? Any suggestions appreciated as I
have lost several messages this way.

>Sharon in MO
Mmm.... Deep Purple. A wonderful old song, but a different kettle of
BEANs on the screens, eh?

Well, you can always try Juno, you know! It's free, as my obnoxious tag
line says. There are some bad things about it, but not like AOL. The
main disadvantage I can think of is that you can't add any attachments
within the program (such as from your word processor). It's only been
down one time since I've been using it, and that was this last weekend.
I've had some odd experiences with messages connected to each other, but
that's rare. It's simple to use, and you can always have two e-mail
addresses till you decide if you like it. And you don't need to have
internet access to use it.

Oh yes. One MINOR inconvenience. The inbox messages are arranged in no
particular order. I can't figure out why this happens, but there is no
way to correct the problem. Messages as they come in are added to the
bottom of the list, but after a short time, they're scattered amongst the
old ones. This might be o.k. if you have a dozen or so, but if you 1500
messages like I do, it's exasperating. But anyway, it's free!!

AOL doesn't seem to have the capacity to recognize "foreign" characters,
such as accent marks or British pound signs. (Apologies to those readers
not in the US, but AOL is, after all America-on-Line). I corresponded
for some time with a member from France whose messages to the S-I were
always garbled. He sent me messages on AOL: all encoded and virtually
unreadable. I suggested he try Hotmail or Rocketmail, since they're free
overseas. He signed on to Hotmail right away and all problems were
instantly solved. Perfect e-mails every time, including the grave and
acute accents. And that's my two cents! Hate to see you guys so

P.S. My computer programmer expert says, "AOL is out of step with the
rest of the world."

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