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From: Dave Culbertson <>
Subject: Re: Ballygan Upper
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 1998 08:45:53 -0500

My ancestors came from that area, I believe. There was a settlement
there called "Culbertson Row" but they left Ireland for America around
1730 and so I can understand that drastic changes have occured these
last several hundred years. I really do appreciate your stopping by the
area and telling me about what you saw there.

Dave Culbertson

> In a message dated 1/24/98 9:27:28AM, you write:
> <<
> I was told that it was called Upper Ballygan, and that it was located
> about 2 miles NW of Ballymoney between the road to Colrain and the
> railroad tracks to Colrain. Would be interested to hear what you
> discover. Thanks,
> David C. Culbertson
> >>
> Hi David,
> Yes, Ballygan Upper is marked on the map at that spot. However, don't plan to
> go there looking for a bustling metropolis! I drove round the area yesterday
> and the only settlement is Macfin, which comprises 20-30 houses (the street is
> called Railway View). There are some prosperous-looking farms too. I'll go by
> there again, as I was in a bit of a rush and could have missed something.
> Regards,
> David McIlveen-Wrig

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