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Subject: Irish, Scotch Irish in America
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 12:53:22 EST

All of my pure Irish -- which is a full one half of my heritage -- are potato
people. I see nothing derogatory in that appellation, and I hope you did not
mean it as such.
they were the last of my family to come to what is now the United States,
since all my Scotch-Irish side -- the other full one half of my heritage --
already was here. Near as I can tell, at least one of my acnestral lines was
an early arrival at Jamestown, fully 350 years ago.
So what does all that make me? Am American. An American with Celtic stock,
regardless of where various contributors to that stock resided for one, six or
20 generations before they came to these shores.
The only reason I am looking at Irish, Scotch Irish or even British is to det
ermine my ancestors' roles in history. They were not famous, and I am not
looking for famous people Hopefully, they were not infamous, and I am not
looking for infamous people. to me it is a delightful, consuming, passionate,
absorbing search, which I do without rancor, judgment or inordinate pride.
to tell you the truth, I am far more proud of what my more immediate ancestors
endured and survived in this country in combatting prejudice, conquring a
frontier and building a nation than whatever may have been done in the Old
No flames intended. I enjoy this list and have learned a lot, which has helped
to explain what formed the character of my ancestors.

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