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From: Herb Abrams <>
Subject: Re: ship "britania" docking charleston about 1776, Quinton McCreight
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 1998 11:15:29 -0800


I answered your first two questions in a reply to your previous post on
10 Jan:

On 6 Nov 1772 "Brittania" sailed from Belfast to Charleston (from the
book "Ulster Emigration to Colonial America 1718-1775" by R.J. Dickson
pg. 247). In 1773 it was wrecked on a voyage from Maryland to Newry,

Most large libraries with a good genealogy section would have a copy of
this book. I have seen it in several.

To answer your third question, there are no passenger lists available
that I know of for that ship. The closest thing to a passenger list is
a list of people who petitioned for land in Charleston after it docked
and your Quinton McCreight is included. That list is published in the
book "A Compilation of the Original Protestant Immigrants to South
Carolina 1763-1773" by Janie Revill. That book is available from
Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD. I just ordered a copy for
my local library the other day. It costs about $17 and can be ordered
by phone. Their number is 1-800-296-6687.

Herb Abrams, Mission Viejo, CA

>Bob Benton wrote:

>Would anyone tell me where to go, (HEHE) to look up a ship record for
>that ship???

>1. Was there a ship named Braitinia , in 1776

>2. Did dock at Charleston,

>3. Where can , (if i can ) get a passenger list

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