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From: linda Merle <>
Subject: Re: early Picts
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 1998 12:46:02 -0800

Dear Gordon,

> Interesting, but not much more than mediaeval hearsay, Linda.

yes indeed! I am sure the islands were inhabited for thousands
of years before. I think we found some bog people who prove it.
However there is some truth in this passage and even more there
is great myth. I like the myth a lot. None of us will ever trace our
ancestors back this far -- but we can enjoy the waves of people
who arrived -- or are thought to arrive -- on the shores of
the islands.

The interface of myth and "truth" is interesting too. When the
Britons came to England, supposedly there were giants. Now I don't
beleive there were -- but I wonder how the notion arrived that
there were.

I'm particularly interested in anything on Scottish roots since they
are so hard to find (from over here anyway). It seems the sources
are the AiS Chronicles and various Irish Annals. Neither, as you
pointed out, are factual. How unfactual -- we don't know. Probably
the further back you go, the less so.

We are at the point where we are losing not only the fact but the
myth of our "race". I enjoy immensely Geoffrey of Monmouth's
History of the Kings of England, which is probably almost entirely
nothing but myth -- but it is very interesting myth. Facts have
only recently become appreciated but myth has sustained people
since time began.

I am sure that at that time, a some people came. I like knowing
about it and learning about the Picts, because they are not well
known in the states.

Here is a website on the Picts:
It links to the Pict Society, which I just discovered last night:

Linda Merle

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