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From: Elaine Lim <>
Subject: Purple Monitor
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 1998 13:24:05 -0800

Apologies for posting this to list. Already deleted yesterday’s list
and am unclear how to reach Shirley directly...

Shirley -
The purple monitor sounds more like the green gun is going out on the
monitor. If it begins to appear in other programs (not email), then the
monitor is the problem. It will come and go for quite a while,
gradually getting worse. If the monitor is still under warranty, the
supplier will replace it. Don’t let their techies tell you it is
something you are doing. (If the red gun goes out, same thing will
happen, but the monitor will turn green.)
- Elaine
>Shirley wrote-
>>I'm also on aol and have no print size changes, but would trade them for my problem, which is that some messages come through on a lovely purple background. Sometimes the purple is light enough for me read over, with difficulty, but sometimes it is so dark it is impossible. Am I the only one struggling with deep purple? Any suggestions appreciated as I have lost several messages this way.

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