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From: Bonnie M Fountain< >
Subject: Re: HAGGIS: Recipe for the brave
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 1998 19:11:56 EST

On Tue, 03 Feb 1998 09:06:09 -0800 Carl Backers <> writes:
>Bonnie M Fountain wrote:
>> On Mon, 2 Feb 1998 13:06:30, -0500 ( BOBBIE M
>> writes:
>> >Warning: If you are SQUEEMISH - hit the DELETE key !!
>> >
>> >>From my 1968 Scottish Women's Rural Institutes Jubilee
>> >Cookery Book comes this recipe (flame me not for off-topic
>> >or I'll send you some):
>> >
>> >1 lb lean mutton
>> >2 cupfuls oatmeal
>> >4 onions
>> >1/4 lb suet
>> >1 pint liquid
>> >pepper and salt
>> >stomach bag of sheep and the pluck
>> >(pluck=lights, liver and heart)
>> >
>> >Wash the stomach bag in cold water and salt. Boil pluck for
>> >1 1/2 hours, leaving windpipe attached and hanging out of pot
>> >in order that impurities may pass out. When cooked and cold,
>> >cut away windpipe and any skin and gristle adhering to it.
>> >Mince the pluck (leaving out some of the lights) along with
>> >mutton and suet. Toast oatmeal in the oven and chop onions and
>> >herbs (if desired). Put into a bowl the minced ingredients, toasted
>> >oatmeal, chopped onions, herbs, salt and pepper. Add about 1 pint
>> >of the liquid in which the pluck was boiled and mix all together
>> >till
>> >of a soft consistency. Take sheep's bag and fill a little more than
>> >half full (allow room for the meal to expand). Sew up tightly,
>> >
>> >and tie in cloth. Put into a pan of boiling water with a plate at
>> >
>> >bottom and boil for three or four hours. Prick occasionally to
>> >prevent bursting.
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >I also have a recipe for sweet haggis, if anyone would like it :>
>> >Made with the sheep's stomach and substituting raisins for the
>> >other "sheep parts".
>> >
>> >There's also a recipe for Sheep's Head Broth, should you find
>> >it necessary to use -all- of the parts of your sheep.
>> ><waste not, want not?>
>> >Or how about Hatted Kit, which has you start by carring your
>> >dish to the side of a cow to milk it... Drat... I need a cow...
>> >
>> >Cheers, and bon appetite!
>> >Bobbie
>> >
>> >
>> Hi Bobbie!
>> Can't believe you have that cookbook! I have what I assume to be an
>> earlier version published by the same group. I say that 'cause
>> no pub. date and my copy is pretty battered.... it came to me used,
>> antiquarian.
>> The only difference I noticed in your original recipe and mine is
>> mine calls for double the amount of suet! Wonder if the threat of
>> cholesterol was the cause of this change, or if one of the recipes
>has a
>> typo. I know there'll be lots of folks who will want to consider
>> before they make this delectable dish, so thought I had best get
>this off
>> right away.
>> I love the part "leaving windpipe attached and hanging out of pot in
>> order that impurities may pass out."
>> Too bad they don't give instructions on what do when the cook passes
>> And can't you just imagine that thing bursting?
>> Thanks for a memorable and valuable message!
>> Bonnie
>I still say I will take my insipid tasting rice cakes over HAGGIS any
>day. Yuk!!!
>Connie Backers, No. Calif.
After reading that recipe, the uninitiated probably won't be brave
enough, as you say, to try it. But I must say, I had the dish in
Scotland and it was, while perhaps not describable as "delectable,"
perfectly palatable!

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