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From: <>
Subject: This Day In Scottish History
Date: 3 Feb 1998 22:27:42 EDT

February 3rd is also Groundhog day here in the Appalachains. Groundhog
saw his shadow this morning and we're expecting six more weeks of
winter...starting tonight.
SH> 3 February is the Feast Day of Saint Alfred, biographer of King David I
SH>who reigned in the early 12th Century and is considered the first Norman Kin
SH>of Scotland.

SH> 3 February 1660 - Scottish troops under General George Monck, former ai
SH>to Oliver Cromwell, invade London and set the stage for the Restoration of t
SH>Stuart Monarchy in the person of Charles II, son of the deposed and executed
SH>Charles I.
SH>SOURCE: John Wilson McCoy.

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