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From: linda Merle <>
Subject: Re: Picts/Myths & Civil War
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 1998 21:37:05 -0800

Thanks Sharon,

I like the myths too and confess to having spent a lot of my time to
studying them (only two years of Latin -- never got past Ceasar's
Gallic wars in Latin). Any myth -- all myth, I love it. It is rich,
it is cultural, it's.... life.

A study of the myths by which people live always reveals a lot about
people. Our ancestors lived a number of myths -- some of which we
continue to live and others which have fallen into our racial
King Arthur is myth-- yet how much has been written about him in the
40 years? The Arthurian legends speak to our age and fascinate us. The
old Irish and Scottish myths speak to me as well. Whether they are
or not doesn't matter -- unless of course they are used, as myth has
to create racist propaganda, as the Tannhauser myths were used by

Because myth is so powerful it is important to know it; otherwise you
are far more likely to be influenced by it without being aware. I
we in America are not aware enough of the myths of our culture -- but
discussing them are not the purpose of this list.

Getting back to the subject matter of the list, I feel personally
by the myths of Eremon and the Milesians, of the Ferbolgs and Finn
of the gigantic figures of the past like Conn of the hundred battles,
who seems to have fathered 3/4s of the Scottish nation. It's heady
Some take it literally -- others do not -- and I don't see why the ones
who beleive it happened and the ones who chose to enjoy it as myth
battle here about it.


Linda Merle

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