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From: linda Merle <>
Subject: Re: Power Failure ...
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 1998 21:53:28 -0800

FYI -- in case you don't get a lot of email, this was received
from Brian, the wizard of Rootsweb, which is just north of LA:

> > We're having quite a gale up here on the mountain, and we've lost all
> > power to the PMC and Birchwood NOCs.
> The gale was followed by a calm, heavy, wet snowfall. Trees are falling
> on power lines, and we're repeatedly losing power.
> We've managed to keep everything up so far by carefully managing our
> battery life (last night wasn't one of my better nights for sleep ... ),
> but it looks like we may be in trouble if the current outage lasts more
> than another couple of hours.
> > We're running on batteries now at those NOCs now. The machines at the
> > Frazier Park and Bakersfield NOCs are unaffected by the power outage,
> > but they depend on the PMC machines for some services.
> >
> > We're doing what we can to keep the site on line, but we may be down
> > for some intervals for awhile. I'll try to keep everyone informed,
> > but I may lose the ability to send e-mail.
> >
> > Sorry about that. Buying a generator for the PMC NOC is one of the
> > things we intend to do when RootsWeb's income allows ... ): -B

HINT!!! BEG!!!! GROVEL!!!!

> I'm about to try 4-wheel driving it out to Bakersfield or Los Angeles to
> buy a generator. Thanks to the folks who are doing a little impromptu
> fund-raising, and wish me luck with the drive ... -B

Good luck, Brian!

I lost power last night and a number of emails didn't get sent. If
you sent me surnames lookups and didn't get one back, could you repost
to the list so others can help too? If you think I owe you email and
didn't hear from me, might want to remind me.

Linda Merle

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