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From: Nancy F. Skidmore< >
Subject: Re: Dancing Celts
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 13:32:41 -0500

Hi Ya'll
It's called Buck dancing. Differnt from clogging because it is done
alone clogging is a form of square dancing done more formaly with taps on
the shoes of the dancers to be done on a platform of somekind usuallly
with four couples to a group.
Buck dancing is done alone for your own personal pleasure there are Buck
dancing contests in Kentucky Tenn. Va. and the Carolina. Loretta Lynn
way back when she was getting started would do a buck dance to the music
on TV. Now it is associated mostlly with Bluegrass Music which has it's
roots with the Scotch, Irish, and Scots-Irish. My opinion is these folks
of Appalachia merly traded one set of mountains for another.
Nancy Gregory Skidmore searching for:
Gregory - McGregor - Russell - Rawlins - Decker - Bell mostly from Wayne
County Ky.

On Wed, 4 Feb 1998 11:54:30 -0500 (Joseph Fowler)
>What you saw was an informal type of clogging. In my personal opinion
>is related to Irish Clog Dancing( which is what it was called in The
>before RiverDance introduced the name Stepdancing to the US). It has
>none of the movements of Scottish dancing that I have seen.It could
>have been brought over by the Irish or the Scotch Irish ,both of them
>love to dance.Guess what the main dish was at the gathering on the top
>of the Blue Ridge Mountains where I first saw clogging? Give up?
>Mutton,barbequed and in a stew. Chew on that awhile. Take care,Joe

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