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From: stan johnson <>
Subject: Re: Problems
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 14:37:19 ET

** Reply to note from chirho <> Mon, 02 Feb 1998 19:26:28
I *never* see a message with small type. I'm viewing email using a mailer
program (Post Road Mailer, to be precise) rather than a web browser. All mail is
displayed as plain text, all the same font size as set by me in the
preferences/settings for the program. If someone having problems is able to
view email in a similar way, the problem might vanish. (Of course, then you'd
have to read around all that html/hypertext tag text, carrying the information for
browser display, such as bold, italic, font size, color, etc.) I believe there are
email programs of the general sort I use for all platforms, though I've not looked
into it.

Almost makes me suspect that the 'latest, greatest' isn't always. ;-)

> These problems come from folks not changing to regular text in their email,
> and they (the senders) are the only ones who can fix it. When the type is
> tiny I just delete :(


PS: As an alternative, one could presumably copy the text from an unreadable
message to the clipboard, and paste it into a simple text editor. If necessary,
the font size could be adjusted there. Clearly this would be too much trouble to
be a routine, often-repeated solution.


Stanley L. Johnson Team OS/2

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