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From: linda Merle <>
Subject: Peace, Clog Dancing, Good Whiskey and a new relative
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 1998 07:31:55 -0800

Hi, I got a couple emails from people who though we were fine
but others thought we were fighting -- I don't recall any
fights I'm having with anyone! I owed a response to JRose
that got eaten in my computer crash in which I was going to
say ???!!!@ OH! You thought when I said if your ancestors
fit 'the stereotpye' of coming in the famine years, then no
wonder you don't mind the P name -- and you seem to have
thought I was implying your ancestors fit all the stereotypes
of the Irish -- ie were talkative drunkards. Actually, all
I meant was they fit the sterotype of coming in the famine
years. My irish relatives talk a lot and none are drunks
either -- all our drunks are on the English and Scots side.

The Pict thing seems controversial -- I had forgotten that
in NI it has become politicalized (the Americans wonder what
is she talking about), so correct me if I get it wrong,
but the Irish think of themselves as Gaelic and the Protestants
as Picts (Cruithne) or rather some do (the rest think this is
utter nonsense <grin>). I think if the Picts came with the
Romans they didn't make the standing stones -- and that it is
is clear there were a previous people. As for whether they are
Celts or not -- I don't know, anyone know? However it is
interesting and I was astonished to find any mention of them
in the Anglo Saxon Chronicles which mainly consists of lists of
kings with strange names and recountings to eclipses that scared
the bejeezes out of everyone. And famines and pestilences.

I guess it is also "touchy" because perhaps some of us take
the early genealogies as truthful (the ones that go back to
Noah in the front of the A-S Chronicles) and the rest think
that's not scientific. I gather those would be members of the
LDS church and members of groups in the UK whom I do not know
what to call other than British Israelites. I and my family
have always been very interested in King Arthur and Irish
kings, etc, so maybe we are "soft" BI's! I donno -- but for
us and for many Americans, they are not politicized in the
same way as they have been in the UK.

So I'm trying here to not make fun of anyone's beliefs -- be they
"scientific" (the religion of the 20th century) or founded on
the Bible and the history of our race, er, races, er, whatever <grin>.

Lastly my computer crashed due to our bad weather so I lost some
email -- if you didn't get your surname looked up, send more email
or post to the list (we'll fight about your surname <grin>). I
am busy and must run but not angry. And my ISP has had a problem
and I couldn't connect -- so I'm suffering from internet withdrawal.

But I got email from someone who is a relative -- descended from
Robert NORRIS of Castledawson, Londonderry too. He knew his wife's
name was Mary and we knew her surname was DOWLING. We didn't know
when he came quite (1810) and that his father's name was John.
John didn't come. This is the Robert NORRIS mentioned in Massey
Harbison's story (more Western PA stuff). And he lives near my
family still in Western PA.

So I gotta rush off to work,

Have a great day!


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