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From: John Carpenter <>
Subject: Re: Malcolm & Mary
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 08:10:29 -0800 (PST)

It does happen at times that someone is snotty when
someone asks a dumb question, but the one who was
worst about that left a couple of months ago though
he's still on another list where I subscribe, and
where he does show better manners.
I like this list because of the wonderful information
available through it, but I love it because of the
humor and orneriness of the other subscribers.
Just remember though, it takes a lot of maturity to
ask dumb questions and they often need to be asked,
because for everyone who asks one, there are 10 other
people who want the same answer but don't have the
nerve to ask.

---Lois/Gene wrote:
> > Get the facts and no "shooting from the hip".
> Well said, mate.
> Some people enjoy this kind of electronic
fencing...might be the
> blood of our ancestors still coursing through our
veins, aye?
> Trouble is...some of us "lurkers" are a little shy
at making a stab.
> Twould be a shame if those who truly want to learn
something refrain
> from participating on this list simply because they
don't want to ask a
> "stupid question" or make an incorrect statement,
and then receive a
> well-masked (but never-the-less authentic) insult
from a reader who's
> twice as learned on the subject.
> I'm in total awe at the knowledge and resources
available from the
> people on this list. To be so knowledgable should
make one feel
> fortunate...not arrogant.
> En guard,
> Lois
> ...if you have knowledge, let others light their
candle at it.

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