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From: "Aaron Orr" <>
Subject: Re: Malcolm & Mary
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 17:36:17 -0500

Onr of the most colourful SCots-Irish evangelists to grace America's shores
was the late Reverend W.P. Nicholson. Nicholson was a Presbyterian adn a
red-hot gospeller. He had a pulpit somewhere in America.

At the ordination of a certain loud and well-know Ulster preacher he is
said to have been asked to offer the Ordination Prayer. In this Divine
one-way discourse Nicholson ask the Deity to " give _______a tongue like an
old cow."

That gift, together with sharp and hard elbows to dig our neighbours in the
ribs, is an Ulster-Scots inheritance which seems to be in good form on this
side of the Atlantic as well. So, folks, we should heed the admonition
from an old school teacher of mine, Now class, let's all stand up
straight, arms by our sides (and NO pushing in the back rows, please).
This is aclas picture and sometime years from now, you're going to look at
it whenb you are older. SO, let's have no funny faces adn NO STICKING OUT

> From: Lois/Gene <>
> To: Charles McFarlane <>; Edward Andrews
<>; John Giacoletti <>
> Cc: Scotch-Irish <>
> Subject: Re: Malcolm & Mary
> Date: February 5, 1998 9:05 AM
> > Get the facts and no "shooting from the hip".
> Well said, mate.
> Some people enjoy this kind of electronic fencing...might be the
> blood of our ancestors still coursing through our veins, aye?
> Trouble is...some of us "lurkers" are a little shy at making a stab.
> Twould be a shame if those who truly want to learn something refrain
> from participating on this list simply because they don't want to ask a
> "stupid question" or make an incorrect statement, and then receive a
> well-masked (but never-the-less authentic) insult from a reader who's
> twice as learned on the subject.
> I'm in total awe at the knowledge and resources available from the
> people on this list. To be so knowledgable should make one feel
> fortunate...not arrogant.
> En guard,
> Lois
> ...if you have knowledge, let others light their candle at it.

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