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From: "Aaron Orr" <>
Subject: Re: Aceticism?
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 18:10:46 -0500

Well Dear Friends:

I had a mixed Childhood with RC and Presbyterian influence flying at each
other in low strafing raids. I found massive inconsistenciesand ook refuge
in my own head and an evangelical position.

PNaish has well summed up theflaw in the churhc of the Semper Eadem
(unchangig. That is perosnal preferences by thte priest.

Ah! A tale but brief!

Father O'Hara inNewfoundland went to see Mrs O'Hare a senior lady about the
secon week of January to collect the annual members donation to the Church.

"I've some to see if ye're goin' ta make a contribution to St Aidan's, Mrs.
O'Hare," said the priest.

"How much iz it ye're afther?" the lady asked, gimletting him with her wan
good eye.

"Well, fer da senior citizens we thaught that $5.00 would be enoough,"the
priest replied.

"That's all I have ta me name at the minit Father," the old woman saiad.
"I'm usin' that ta get me hair done the day."

"Ye mean ye'd rather get yer hair done than help the Church av Christ, Mrs.
O' Hare. You know Our Lady nivver got her hair done."

"Mebbenot," said the old woman, "But neither did Our Lord drive a last
year's Ford car, like you!"

I don't think he got his donation that day.aaron

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> Subject: Re: Aceticism?
> Date: February 5, 1998 4:46 PM
> I was raised in the Catholic faith in Milwaukie, Oregon USA from birth
> adult hood. While the Catholic church has some very defined religious
> which over the years have been discussed and rediscussed by many, this
> like many, if not all, others have extreme conservatives and extreme
> and and whole lot of middle people including those in the religious life
> as sisters, priests, monks, and the like.
> As a very young child we would have the local priest over to dinner on an
> occasional event such as Thansgiving or Easter. My father drank and my
> did not but they did so by their own choice. The priest at the time
> drink along with my father. He was at least somewhat liberal. Later we
got an
> Irish asst. priest who would come and was not even tolerant of my
> drinking much less participate. Later we got a priest who would come and
> drink but who always invited my father to enjoy his own.
> When my older brother got married we had a wine punch at the wedding in
> church hall. Only three years later we were not allowed to have it at
> The priests had changed in the mean time and the attitude had changed but
> church was still the same.
> In doing research on my ancestors in KY, USA, who were Baptist, I found
> the local church split into two based on a difference of opinion on an
> such as missionaries. Both sides professed that there were scriptures on
> their side to justify their position and both went their separate ways.
> I travle alot for my business. There is one county in one state I have
been in
> who shall remain unnamed to protect us all from anyone there becoming
upset at
> my indicating their county which is not the point of the story anyway.
> county set up laws years ago based upon the founders religious beliefs
> relating to drinking to keep the area free from alcohol. However, all the
> drinking laws have done is set people to devising ways around them such
> are now "private" clubs which you cab get into as long as you pay the fee
> the residents drive to another county, state to get it.
> My point to this whole story is that while the basic principles of a
> may be middle of the road or not even directly address an item such as
> or drinking, somewhere along the line the individual ministers or sects
> sections of a country or area have moved in either a liberal or
> movement which has resulted in the profession of the church's belief in
> thing or another as being derived from the bible or some other religious
> source.
> Like Edward I believe it is too bad that we are kept from those things
> might be enjoyable on the pretext that there is a religious source. I am
> advocating those things which will truely harm someone nor am I
> those things which are spiritually harmful. I just think we too often
> been influenced by people who although perhaps meaning well may have been
> reacting to their own weaknesses or misunderstandings.

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