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From: John Giacoletti <>
Subject: Re: Knox on ... Knox off
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 18:36:58 -0500

Hi Linda,

>Hi John, got in a few Knox there, didn't ya? What will you do
>if you find out you are descended from him?

>Linda Merle

I'd feel honored and humbled.

If I met him somehow I'd give him a hellava hug.

This past summer I read a Knox biography. He was a very commanding leader,
had a keen mind, exceptional oratorical skills.

I think that some of the exchanges he had with Mary are classic
confrontational and historic clashes; she often displayed poor judgment in
behavior but she was nobody's fool, and I believe she actually came to hold
Knox in great respect.

I'd want to know about his years as a galley slave, chained to the oars and
ask how he was sustained by faith during that period of trial and if he
felt doubt.

I'd respect him as a husband and family man.

I'd offer him $15.00 to get his beard trimmed.

I'd ask my daughter-in-law to devise a Strapthspey in his honor.

John Giacoletti

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