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From: Edward Andrews <>
Subject: Re: Fw: The Irish in America
Date: Fri, 06 Feb 1998 01:03:09 +0000

> I am not sure if your response was tongue in cheek or not :>) but from what
> little I know about the McDonald history the MCDonald family were from Antrim
> prior to that from Scotland, prior to that from Ireland, and prior to that
> from the Celtic stock somewhere on the Europan continent. So it would seem
> that it would depend on how far back you want ot look as to whther you are
> from Ireland, Scotland, Ireland, or the mainland of Europe.
> Then again we all go back to Adam and Eve so if you believe they were in the
> area of Egypt then we are all Egyptians.
> Unless of course you belive they came from another planet and then we are all
> interterrestial aliens.
This is where I as a mere Historian part company with the
genealogists. I can't really get worked up where a community came from
x years ago, unless it has an important bearing on the development of
the community.
We are all such a mixed bunch that it even depends on which
particular line you want to take.
> If religious belief is the criteria I am so confused I don't know what I am,
> since I have both Catholic and Church of England ancestors from Ireland who
> were known to be there as early as 1610 as evidenced in wills and the like.
> Does that make me a non Irish descendant because one wipes out the other?
I can't really see what you are saying. We are the sum of our roots.
It isn't a case of one thing cancelling the other out.
At times this can cause great tensions. An extreme example being the
Cape Coloureds in South Africa. They were both Boer and Bantu. They
had to live with that tension - still do. They can't say that one
thing cancels out the other.
The big problem in Ulster today is that there are a group who may
have been there for some considerable time, who don't feel themselves
as Irish. Of course they are, if they go to Great Britain they will be
thought of as being Irish by everyone else.
Don't worry about what you are, for you are a human being. do you not
bleed etc.? The other bits add merely to the spice of life.
Edward Andrews

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