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From: Edward Andrews <>
Subject: Re: Knox on ... Knox off
Date: Fri, 06 Feb 1998 01:15:53 +0000

John Giacoletti wrote:
> Hi Linda,
> >Hi John, got in a few Knox there, didn't ya? What will you do
> >if you find out you are descended from him?
> >Linda Merle
> I'd feel honored and humbled.
> If I met him somehow I'd give him a hellava hug.
> This past summer I read a Knox biography. He was a very commanding leader,
> had a keen mind, exceptional oratorical skills.
> I think that some of the exchanges he had with Mary are classic
> confrontational and historic clashes; she often displayed poor judgment in
> behavior but she was nobody's fool, and I believe she actually came to hold
> Knox in great respect.
> I'd want to know about his years as a galley slave, chained to the oars and
> ask how he was sustained by faith during that period of trial and if he
> felt doubt.
> I'd respect him as a husband and family man.
> I'd offer him $15.00 to get his beard trimmed.
> I'd ask my daughter-in-law to devise a Strapthspey in his honor.
> John Giacoletti
The great problem with Knox is that that for generations was the
definitive book about him was McCrie, which made Knox out as an Ald
Licht Anti-Burgher. His life of Knox was written in 1811, and for a
century was the seminal work. He even got the date of his birth wrong.
One of my abiding memories is when I was in New College a stonemason
chipping away at the base of the Knox Statue so that they cold put the
right date on it for the Pope to see when he visited the place.
I agree with John however about his stature - though in life he was a
very small man.
He took the precaution of writing the history of the times, which
means that until Michael Lynch published his magisterial work on
Edinburgh and the Reformation in 1981, his view went unchallenged.
Unfortunately no one seems to have published a work dealing with the
post Lynch Knox.
Edward Andrews

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