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Subject: Re: Knox on ... Knox off
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 21:38:36 EST

This thread has reminded me of something reportedly said by Knox's daughter
Elizabeth (wife of the Rev. John WELSH of Ayr), to King James in 1622. From
"The Genealogical Memoirs of John Knox":

Wearied of dwelling among strangers (in France), Mr. Welsh learned with
interest that a Scottish colony, to be named New Scotland, was about to be
planted in North America. With the view of joining his countrymen in forming
the proposed colony, he in 1622, proceeded to London. Being in feeble health,
his physicians recommended that he should return to Scotland. Banished from
thence at the King's command, he might not return without the royal sanction,
so his wife sought an interview with the King Though not ignorant of her
descent, James asked her whose daughter she was. "My father was John KNOX,"
she replied. "Knox and Welsh," exclaimed the king - the devil ne'er made such
a match as that." "May be" responded Mrs. Welsh, "for we never speired his
leave." Mrs. Welsh now entreated the king that her husband might, in his
sickness, be allowed to re-visit his native country. "He shall," said the
king, "if he submit himself to the bishops." "Sooner than he should do so,"
said Mrs. Welsh, extending her apron, "I would kep his head there." She then
withdrew from the royal presence.

Like daughter, I reckon......

Warren Wilkinson

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