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From: "S. Deem" <>
Subject: Re: Aceticism?
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 1998 11:10:15 -0500

Well, I can't keep quiet any longer either! I am a "lurker". I am too
overwhelmed by the advance knowledge on the subjects discussed, to jump in
and participate intelligently.... but, I do want to declare that this is
the most stimulating list I have ever been on! Recipes, religion, and
family....that is actually what life consists of isn't it? Just wanted to
get a few comments in before I return to my quiet corner and lurk again.

> From: Gail Brown <>
> To: Scotch Irish List <>
> Subject: Re: Aceticism?
> Date: Thursday, February 05, 1998 9:11 PM
> Oh, I just can't stand it any longer! Spell checker checking in here!
> It's *asceticism*!
> Acetic acid is a colorless pungent liquid acid C2H4O2 that is the chief
> acid of vinegar and that is used especially in synthesis (as of
> plastics)
> ascetic means
> 1 : practicing strict self-denial as a measure of personal and
> especially spiritual discipline
> 2 : austere in appearance, manner, or attitude
> (That's from that dictionary site I shared a little while ago! -
> )
> The thread is fascinating anyway!
> Gail

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