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Subject: Where were the Churches in the Famine?
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 1998 13:06:39 EST

I watched all of the PBS series "The Irish in America." The best part, I
thought, was the segment on Al Smith, where I learned things I hadn't known
before. Now, years ago I read C. Woodham-Smyth's book on the Famine, so I
should remember this, but here is my question: What was the role of the
churches (RC, Church of Ireland, Presbyterian or whatever else there was) in
famine relief during the potato famine? Absolutely no mention of it in the TV
show. The question occurred to me because I went to a discussion last night
on the movie Amistad featuring a local United Church of Christ theologian who
did his dissertation on the Amistad incident - and much was said about how the
role of the Congregationalist (our forebears) abolitionists was scanted or
even slanted in the movie. I wondered if the same thing was happening with
the Famine segment. Anybody have any knowledge of this?
Nikki Strandskov

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