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From: Iron Duke <>
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 1998 14:57:45 -0600 (CST)

You wrote:

>Hi Everyone

Joe (Iron Duke) wrote:

A few years ago there was an article in History Today by Forrest
and Grady McWhinney about the so-called Celtic South. It went on
to point
out that Southern rednecks were lazy, made their own whiskey,
and were
primarily pastoralists, i e they watched their hogs eat acorns
rather than
farm for more than corn for whisky. They extended this to laws
and clan
leaders vs politicians, etc. They tried to back it up with
economic data.

I cannot endorse all their notions but there was something in
what they said.

My response

As a Canadian with Scot-Irish roots I am not sure how much of
the above is really true. Sounds very much like (propaganda) what the
English said about the Irish and why it would be better if the Irish
were under English rule.<

MacDonald is a very respectable historian who wrote an excellent book on the
US Constitution though McWhinney is not. They did have alot of data. It
applied to before the Civil War and some of it was true today. They didnt
mean it perjoratively since both of them were S/I also.

> Yes the Scots of the earlier centuries were
very intolerant people (after the Reformation of the Church),<

There was nothing in the article or in what I wrote about religion. Zero,
zip. I dont think you read it very closely.

> and it was a Scot (not Scot-Irish) who started the KKK.<

Nathan Bedford Forrest?

> The KKK (rednecked) tried to ingrain itself in Canada and was not all
that successful.<

Boyo, that is news. In Canada? About what? When?

> The Scot-Irish for the most part has been very industrious ie. I read 13 of
the American Presidents were of Scot-Irish back ground. In Canada they
traditionally have been successful people. We here do not have the
quite the same attitude among our population although many things about
the culture are similar. Yes they had a similar music, probably some of
the food is the same etc. But my argument would be that I think that
local social and economic facts should be considered before blaming on
the Celtic culture.<

Neither I nor the authors was blaming anyone for anything and no such
allusion is in there. Read it more carefully.

Joe in Austin
equitare arcum tendere et veritatem dicere

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