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From: Patti McVetty <>
Subject: Re: Scotch-Irish-D Digest V98 #92
Date: Fri, 06 Feb 1998 14:25:23 -0800

Arrogant Insults!!

I wasn't aware that one must be a member Of Mensa to participate in this
group! I thought that insults and disharmony were reserved for those
unmoderated news groups where some people become "cyber brave" feeling a
great deal bolder than they would in the "real world"

Eating was such an intergral part of our ancestors lives. I am
interested in every aspect of their lives and that includes housing,
schooling, clothing, how they eked out a living. Recipes that they may
have used are very intersting to some of us, and why not?

It's that superior attitude that led to many of the injustices inflicted
upon our ancestors and it's all part of the heritage that we are probing
on this group, or did I get it wrong?

Fron what I see evident in our gene pool currently, the ancestore that WE
are researching most certainly were kind, generous, loving, industrious

Who said "fight nice" anyway (-:

Patti McVetty

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