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<< Could someone please explain to me what "The Sight" or "Second Sight" is
and how it was used in ever day life by our ancestors. >>

My great-grand-aunt reportedly had "The Sight," which means she could "see"
things, things that had taken place far away or things that were to take
place in the future.
I think old wives' tale indicated such a person was born with a caul over
their face, and I am not sure that "caul" meant anything ot her than a fold of
skin of some kind.

but let me tell you about my grand=aunt, that my own mother was named for.
she lived in a great barny house on the edge of a small Texas town, with a
wide lawn separating her house with a smaller one occupied by other family
members. an imposing row of cedar trees led from one house to the other.
I was among the oldest of several cousins, and the best story teller. When we
all visited my grandmother (a later occupant of the big barny house) we
cousins slept, on cots and pallets, wall to wall, in the big bedroom that
opened out onto this lawn and row of cedars.
And every night the younger cousins would insist I tell them about our great-
grand-aunt, and I would, and they would squeal and shiver and next morning
tell their mamas, and all the sisters, my aunts and my own mother, would
chastize me for scaring them and keeping everyone awake. but heck, it was one
of those aunts (the youngest one) who had told me the story in the first

Back before the turn of the century (in he 1890s, natch) oury great-grand-
aunt, the one with the Second Sight, occupied this very bedroom. And on summer
nights, like this one, the window would be open to catch the breeze, and the
curtains would be pulled back to let in the moonlight, streaming in just like
And Aunt Mary went to sleep one night, worrying about her only son who was at
summer school at SMU in Dallas. She was afraid he was hurthing from a broken
heart. So it was with a heavy heart of her own that she fell into a restless
but just as the old clock was chiming the hour Hear it, just like now!!_)O
this story took careful timing) she woke with a start and sat up ion bed.
She looked out the window, this very window, and there, coming across the wide
lawn, under that row of cedar trees, was her son. He walked right up on the
porch and right through the window, and he sat on the side of her bed, right
and he pointed to his forehead, and he said, in a hoarse voice, "Mother, I am
sorry, so sorry. I just shot myself!"
And she looked at the ragged hole in his forehead, with blood dripping down
his face, and she screamed and screamed and screamed. Other members of the
family came running in, right thru that door, but the boy was gone.
But she insisted she had seen him. She knew, she knew. And the next morning
came the telegram from the school. Her son had shot himself the night before.
In the forehead.

And that is what it is to have second sight.


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