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Subject: P. M. Tony Blair
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 1998 19:46:51 EST

John Carpenter wrote:
>At least many Ulstermen, Orange or Green, know that they can only live
together >if they allow each other to live. If they can persuade the English
and the other
>Ulstermen of it, things will improve.

and Linda Merle wrote:

> And now in 1998 we need to acknowledge that most Ulsterfolk adopt one
> of two ethnic identities which history has given them little choice but
> to do. And that the way forward is to acknowledge that and to find a
> way to forge a new identity -- which is inclusive of both ethniticies --
> or some other solution which we cannot foresee because only our children
> can. I don't find denying the ethnic problem's validity helpful.
> A new "Irish" ethnicity must evolve that is inclusive, not exclusive.

I would be interested in input from our brethern across the pond.

I saw the President Clinton/British Prime Minister Tony Blair press conference
today. Although the main emphasis of the joint press conference was Iraq
(that is of course when the press wasn't asking about the President's
Sexcapades, <grin>), P. M. Blair mentioned efforts to bring peace to Northern
Ireland. Blair said something to the effect that negotiators were closer than
they had been in generations to see peace become reality. He went on to
address recent violent incidents by saying the majority must not allow the
efforts of militant minorities to destroy the peace in NI that would be so
beneficial to the majority.

I was impressed with him through news reports of how he handled Princess Di's
funeral. He "worked with" the Royal family to give her the big funeral the
people so badly wanted and needed. Are his efforts toward peace in NI as
genuine as he seems to be?

Looking forward to the insiders point of view on this issue.
Sharon in MO

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