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Subject: Re: Scotch-Irish-D Digest V98 #92
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 1998 20:16:09 EST

Patti wrote:
>Eating was such an intergral part of our ancestors lives. I am interested in
every >aspect of their lives and that includes housing, schooling, clothing,
how they eked >out a living. Recipes that they may have used are very
intersting to some of us, >and why not?

Here! Here! Patti. You are so right. We are looking for our roots. And what
is the soil of our roots? Culture, Food, Religious Experience, Dance, and
many aspects of daily life. But we are a people that ask hard questions, have
strong opinions, and defend our beliefs,... sometimes to the death.

I sent this privately the other nite, and I'll share it with you now...

>Subj:Re: Fight Nice - SHEEEEESH !!
>Date:98-02-03 21:33:09 EST

>When Caesar crossed the River Clyde, it wasn't the timidity and peacefulness
of >the inhabitants that impressed him. Would you expect less from this list?

Sharon in MO

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