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From: "J. L. Jones" <>
Subject: RE: "The Sight"
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 98 03:53:40 UT

'The Sight' was also related to a sixth sense or 'another kind' of awareness.
Some people have visions. Some hear voices. Some have a 'knowing'. There
are varying degrees of this ability.

It seems to be an older term as now we hear of trances, guiding spirits, and
prognosticators, or mind readers. (clairvoyance, extrasensory perception,
ESP, and channeling.) There are people who have an inordinate ability to
predict the future and relive or interpret the past.

All these a little spooky in the hands of those with evil energy. While I
don't pretend to have any of these abilities, I have experienced negative
vibes from people. Very scary! Some movies give me 'chills up my spine' like
someone 'walking on my grave'. I've learned to beware and react appropriately
to these feelings.



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