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Subject: Re: Where were the Churches in the Famine?
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 1998 00:55:57 EST

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<< You have to remember that we are talking about the mid 19th Century.
There had been bad harvests throughout Europe. The Corn Laws were
still in operation in the UK. The belief was that charity only
produced a dependency culture - where have we heard that before? >>

You know what unlikely group sent aid to starving Irishmen?
Choctaw Indians in America, one of the five "civiilzed" tribes which had been
forcibly removed from Southeastern States like Georgia and Alabama in the
infamous "removals" of which the Trail of Tears was one. They had been given
some pretty miserable lands in what is now Oklahoma, and they knew what it
was to be hungry and homeless.
remember, this was in the middle of the Ninet eenth Cent ury, when few people
called them the "noble" redmen. Most called them dirty ignorant savages.
But they shared what little tribal bounty they had with the Irishmen overseas.
I think that is one of the few remarkable stories of generosity to emerge
during this awful "blight" period.


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