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From: linda Merle <>
Subject: Re: Fw: The Irish in America
Date: Fri, 06 Feb 1998 22:17:39 -0800

Edward said...
>> A new "Irish" ethnicity must evolve that is inclusive, not exclusive.
> Here here. This is the only way forward

Thanks, Edward, and let me clarify that I think it is an Irishness
that includes but doesn't subsume Ulster Scotsness. An Irishness
that includes Anglo Irish, Ulster Scots, Huguenots, Danes, Dutch,
Chinese, Jewish, English, and all the rest without insisting that
they obscure their origins or submerge portions of their identity
in subserviance to some kind of strange notion of Gaelicness which
is bogus. Ie Welsh, Scots, Breten, Cornish, British -- these are
all people of the same stock, and all of them are as mixed with
Norse ((ie Norman) as the "Irish" is.

Then we'll have a big fair and learn Irish, Scots Gaelic, and
Ulster Scots, drink some beer, and watch Father Ted on the BBC!
<cough, cough! Sorry, I love Father Ted!>

Secure in our identities, no matter what they are .....

<oops, gotta go, I see incoming....>

Linda Merle

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