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From: Stu Ross <>
Subject: glasgow patois meets buchan doric
Date: Sat, 07 Feb 1998 10:52:36 +0000 (GMT)

hi, just received a message from aaron that i'll have to spend some time
translating ... this reminded me of when i moved to the buchan coast --
40-60 miles north of aberdeen -- from my dear green place, glasgow.

i was about 13-14 and was being shown round peterhead (fishing town) by a
distant relative. having moved from the smoke i was singularly unimpressed
by the things he chose to show me. anyway ... we ended up in a place known
as "mary muckers"; the local alternative youth club. it was a small canteen
that looked to me like something out of the late 1940's - rather than mid
1970's. it had a pool table and two very old pinball machines. having
nothing else to do i started to play one of the machines. at the time i was
a bit of novelty for that place - my wavy long hair and cuban heeled boots
were a wee bit mod.

while on the machine a wee fella came up and asked me, "r ye loon r a quine,
min?" my quick translation resulted in the slapping of many thighs as the
place went hysterical ....

i thought he asked for "a loan of a coin" for the other machine. i stuck
both hands in the pockets of my jeans and had to replied "no"

doric - r ye loon r a quine, min?
english - are you a boy or a girl?



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