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Subject: Re: P. M. Tony Blair
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 1998 09:26:44 EST

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<< I honestly hadn't thought about the impact of anyone speaking up. We
Americans take our freedoms so much for granted.

Please, anyone, do not answer that query if you feel it might be harmful to
your health. I completely understand.

Last time I checked into British politics, they were not into assassinations
and late-night disappearances of political enemies or outspoken critics. (Jame
Bond peccadillos to the contrary)
I don't think much of that even goes on in Northern Ireland these days. I
think that is out and out bang bang, random bombing stuff.
In fact I think we got our freedom of speech rights as part of our God-given
heritage from the British. what I always heard, anyway.


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