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From: Martha Kidwell <>
Subject: I don't want to bore you, but.........
Date: Sat, 07 Feb 1998 18:11:11 -0400

First, I must say that I have enjoyed reading the posts of this group
for the last few days, having had the opportunity because of 3 welcome
snowdays for teachers and students in this East Tennessee town that I
live in.

I hope that this question will not be an intrusion, I've watched to see
if others have posted family questions before I had the nerve to ask,
and I have seen a few.

My MCSPADDEN family is said to have come from Scotland first, then to
Ireland, specifically County Antrim (or Ulster) and then to Augusta Co.,
Virginia or Rockbridge Co. in the Timber Ridge neighborhood.
Apparently, according to research done by those before me, there exists
records in the form of deeds for land as early as 1746 in Augusta Co.

Thomas McSpadden was said to be one of the organizers of the Old Timber
Ridge Church, Scotch Presbyterian, formed in 1746 by the Scotch-Irish
Presbyterians who first settled that section of the valley.

One (or more) of his sons, Archibald MacSpadden served in the
Revolutionary War and drew a pension. I have copies of his pension
application from the NRA.
From Archibald on down, there seems to be no problem in tracing the
genealogy, however, I can't seem to find anyone who has yet traced them
back to Ireland or Scotland.

The McSpadden name is listed as a Surname of Scotland in one book that
I found at a Highland Game.

I am extremely proud of all aspects of my connections to the
Scotch-Irish and hope to have inherited the character I have seen
evidenced in researching my ancestors. I wish that I could have known
them. I have visited both Ireland and Scotland, I
did not know as much about my ancestors as I do now, but I still would
not know where to go to find the placeS that they came from. The beauty
of the mountains and creeks of East Tennessee must have made them feel
at home, but nothing could compare to the beauty of the sea along the
coasts of both of these places.
I have not been able to locate anything on the internet on this branch
of my family. Surely someone else must be looking for this family's
roots in Scotland or Ireland and know something about them.

Any suggestions on research that I might be able to do from here?

Thanks for bearing with me at the risk of being bored.
Martha Kidwell

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