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From: Carl Backers <>
Subject: Re: Haggis
Date: Sat, 07 Feb 1998 14:50:56 -0800

Noel E Marcy wrote:
> It's meatloaf in a sheep's stomach? Who knew?
> I always thought that it was something despicable and hard to define
> like the hot dogs in the joke.
> Learn something new everyday.
> Cheers, Noel
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Hey Noel,

Didja ever hear about the lady who came into the butcher's shop. She
was trying to decide what to buy for the next meal. The butcher, trying
to be helpful suggested, "How about some beef tongue. It really is
"Oh,no," replied the horrified woman. "I could never eat anything thing
that came from a cow's mouth".
"Well, then, madame, I would like to suggest some tripe for your
The woman's eyebrow shot up to her hairline in total horror and
disbelief. "Oh, I would never eat the lining of a cow's stomach."
She then added, "Oh, yes, I think I would like a dozen eggs, please."

Connie Backers, No. Calif.

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