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From: Carl Backers <>
Subject: Re: "The Sight"
Date: Sat, 07 Feb 1998 15:14:58 -0800

Nancy F. Skidmore wrote:
> Hi all:
> Could someone please explain to me what "The Sight" or "Second Sight" is
> and how it was used in ever day life by our ancestors. All ideas welcome
> if you don't wish to post to the list please send to me privately at
> Thanks any help would be greatly appreciated
> Nancy Gregory Skidmore searching for:
> Gregory - McGregor - Russell - Rawlins - Decker - Bell mostly from Wayne
> County Ky.
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THE SIGHT or SECOND SIGHT is referred to as being psychic. All of us
have the potential and have to develop it while others come by it
naturally. "Having the sight" means the person has knowledge of what has
happened, what is about to happen. Some view it as a gift which it was
meant to be while others consider it to be a curse because they do not
want to know these things. In Spanish cultures (maybe other cultures as
well) they believe the seventh child born in a family to have THE
SIGHT. Also, they believe that a child born with a "caul" over their
face will have SECOND SIGHT. A caul is a thin membrane that covers the
face of a baby when it is born. It has to be removed quickly by the
doctor or midwife so that the baby will not suffocate. My mother who
was part Spanish was born in South America in Ecuador. She was a
seventh child of a seventh child born with a caul over her face so the
Folks down there were convinced that she had THE SIGHT but she didn't
and used to tell me from time to time until her death that I had
inherited it. That is why I have been so interested on the subject.

Connie Backers, No. Cali.

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