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From: Carl Backers <>
Subject: Re: "The Sight"
Date: Sat, 07 Feb 1998 15:32:34 -0800

Kathy Bates wrote:
> from what my great-grandmother Archibald tells me, this was "passed from
> female to female" in our family (now, i'm not sure if this is really true
> or not.) I've had many strange "sights" as had my sister. it's basically
> an ESP type of thing; knowing things before they happen, that type of
> thing. my folks were always amazed at the two of us, kind of freaky in a
> way. My g-grandma always just smiled when my mother would tell her of
> events my sis or I would bring to her attention before they happened. i
> try not to think too much about this "gift" unless something really
> upsetting happens. that's happened twice in my life. the latest of these
> was a few years ago, i laid in bed one early morning in a half sleep phase.
> i dreamt of my daughter, then 8 years old, getting narrowly missed by a car
> coming home from school. i awoke shaking and crying. 3 weeks later, her
> friend and friend's grandmother were hit by an older gentleman coming home
> from school. the grandmother was killed, the friend is still having motor
> skill problems 7 years later (she was 18 months in a children's hospital),
> and my daughter and another boy walking with the friend and grandmother
> were grazed by the car with minor scrapes and broken leg. i try never to
> think of these "sights" too much since that time and have had tremendous
> sleep deficit problems because of it.
> i'm sorry i rambled. just hit home. hope i answered your question.
> *kathy

I have had experiences such as yours many times. It is strange as one
cannot conjure up THE SIGHT. It just happens. My Mom, too, just used
to smile when I told her these things. When I lived in Nebraska for
five years, my grown sons would call me long-distance and I would answer
the phone with their name. It still stuns them. I have feelings of
fore-boding, sometimes they are true and sometimes, there is nothing to
it that I know of. We must look at is as a gift of God and treat it
with reverence. All of us women are given the gift of intuition but
those with SECOND SIGHT, it is even more pronounced. Women should
always listen to their intuition, that small still voice within them
that speaks. It always wants us to do the right thing.

Connie Backer, No. Calif.

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