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From: Carl Backers <>
Subject: Re: Glasgow patois
Date: Sat, 07 Feb 1998 15:49:23 -0800

> Is this what is called "Mooning" in the US???
> KI>**And ass for this, don't, DON'T ask for a translation!**
> KI>>yirbumsootthewindae
> KI>**You have been warned!**
> KI>Gordon.

Mooning in the US during the early 20the century, referred to the
courtship between a young man and a young lady. When they got together,
they sat close, held hands, maybe hugged and kissed.

Later, Mooning became prominent in the 60's and 70's whereas young men
and/or women (I dare not call them ladies) would turn their back, pull
down their pants and show their behind (buttocks. It is the more vulgar
way of what used to be thumbing your nose at someone, some situation, or
to society that is used by the younger folks of these times.

Connie Backers, No. Calif.

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