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From: "Aaron Orr" <>
Subject: Re: Where were the Churches in the Famine?
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 1998 19:56:04 -0500


It's noteworthy that the Choctaws' generosity has been conveniently omitted
from the realms of world history. What a glaring shame!


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> Subject: Re: Where were the Churches in the Famine?
> Date: February 7, 1998 12:55 AM
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> << You have to remember that we are talking about the mid 19th Century.
> There had been bad harvests throughout Europe. The Corn Laws were
> still in operation in the UK. The belief was that charity only
> produced a dependency culture - where have we heard that before? >>
> You know what unlikely group sent aid to starving Irishmen?
> Choctaw Indians in America, one of the five "civiilzed" tribes which had
> forcibly removed from Southeastern States like Georgia and Alabama in the
> infamous "removals" of which the Trail of Tears was one. They had been
> some pretty miserable lands in what is now Oklahoma, and they knew what
> was to be hungry and homeless.
> remember, this was in the middle of the Ninet eenth Cent ury, when few
> called them the "noble" redmen. Most called them dirty ignorant savages.
> But they shared what little tribal bounty they had with the Irishmen
> I think that is one of the few remarkable stories of generosity to emerge
> during this awful "blight" period.
> love
> joan

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