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From: <>
Subject: Re: founder of KKK
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 1998 20:04:28 EST

And may I comment from my perspective?
I know very little about Bedford Forrest, other than as a Southern general who
survived a very terrible war in our history.

I do know a little about the KKK, and I am not hesitant, not at all, to
comment on it.
Original purpose of the KKK, to protect women mostly at a time when there was
no real law during Reconstruction days in the South, was, probably, laudable
and filled a purpose.

But KKK proved once again that you cannot 1) take law, even bad law, in your
own hands; 1) hide behind sheets or masks rather than come out in the open;
and 3) that once a bad idea gets started, it is hard to stop it.

I am a child of the South, of a Texas family that suffered mightily in that
tragic war. I was raised on stories of death, bitterness, unfairness, loss.
But not once, not once in all those years between Reconstruction (which hit
Texas hard) and more enlightened times of our century when the KKK was
denounced for what it is, a terrorist organization, did any member of my
family speak in its behalf.

There was a dark blight on our land during most of , if not all, the 19th
century. first, the horrible unjustifiable institution of slavery, which some
of my family supported by ownership of slaves; then the War itself during
which my family suffered greatly, as mentioned; and then the Reconstruction,
which had lasting effects well into the 20th Century. All of theses things
were bad, and, from my vantage point of hindsight, could have been prevented,
or at least stopped before they got out of hand.

But that does not excuse KKK. Never has, never does, never will. KKK is, and
was, an organization of cowards, terrorists, rowdies who used anonymity to
hurt , maim and kill and generally raise Hell.

There. I have spoken out loud and clear. Without fear of reprisals, and even
if thata fear existed, I would still speak out. My country right or wrong?
Hardly. My country, warts and all, I love. But I donot hesitate to criticize.

Is that what you wanted to hear, Iain?

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