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From: "Aaron Orr" <>
Subject: Re: Tony Blair
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 1998 20:20:28 -0500

Hello Everyone:

I have variegated thoughts on this subject - anyonw wishingto write me
privately about it, I will share them as one born adn raised in the place
where it is happening.


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> Subject: Re: Tony Blair
> Date: February 7, 1998 9:31 AM
> Gordon-
> Yes, I know it has been a big problem for a long time. I have been
"aware" of
> the situation in NI for 30 years myself. As a child I never could figure
> people would destroy their own town. How complex life becomes when the
> colored glasses of youth are removed.
> As to Blair's capablilities... President Jimmy Carter brought Anwar Sadat
> Menachim Begin (?sp on both names) together. Carter was much heralded
for the
> Camp David Accords. At the time (as an adult), I thought anyone could've
> brought that deal together considering the individuals involved. Both
> wanted peace. Both men were great negotiators and eloquent statesmen.
> time has gone on, I see that my assessment was not correct. President
> has definite abilities in and a style for the art of negotiation that
> people do not possess. Quite possibly another man as President of the
> could not have accomplished the same feat.
> I believe God puts the right people in the right places at the right
time. Is
> Blair one of those?,... I don't know. I guess the world will see.
> Thanks for your comments
> Sharon

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