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From: Bonnie M Fountain< >
Subject: Re: Fw: The Irish in America
Date: Sat, 07 Feb 1998 21:14:24 EST

Precious response!

As a professional genealogist I've helped a large number of folks find
their natural parents or children. You have the best attitude (and sense
of humor) about your adoption of anyone I've ever seen!

Were you able to locate your family? Seems to me there were a number of
HENDRYs in Ayrshire.

On Sat, 7 Feb 1998 02:24:40 -0500 (EST) "Renee C. Greene"
<> writes:
>Ahhh, words of wisdom, Linda.
>I so enjoy watching the heritage debates (hee hee) and especially when
>the classification of same is challenged. Isn't heritage (truly) a
>matter of belief of what you're made of?
>Point: I was adopted. From my adopted mother's insecurities sprang
>a number of stories about my "birth" relatives over the years.
>Story #1: My mother died in childbirth having almost starved to death
>from the German occupation. My father was, alledgedly, Scandinavian;
>hence, I LOVED cold weather. (STILL do)
>Result: I hated all Germans. Period.
>Story #2: Both my parents were English. (This was my Mom's favorite)
>Result: I was prim and proper (with ulcers from the restraint) -
> always a lady! (curling pinky and pursing lips)
>Story #3: I just can't remember.
>Result: Had difficulty focusing hatred to anyone - for fear I might
> be related.
>With very fair complexion, I look Irish; from my expressive use of
>while speaking, I could pass as a blonde Italian; from my height of
>I would probably be - what? Not Japanese. (but I LOVE their food)
>Hate the Irish? I LOOKED Irish. Hate the Scots? Heck no, I love
>bagpipes and they're lively! Hate the Jews? Well, who knows when
>adopted. Hate the blacks? Heck, I thought my "Mammy" WAS my mother -
>as a child.
>When you're adopted, there's no one to hate. And, alas, no one to
>aspire to - of blood.
>Then, at age 50 - I learned the surname of my birth father - HENDRY.
>I'm a bloody Scotsman! (throwing away high collar blouses and
>---------------------- wrapping myself in a plaid blanket)
>Eeeps. Or maybe Scotch-Irish.
>Then again, perhaps my FATHER was adopted, too. (wink)
>Renee Collins-Greene
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