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From: Allan Brownlee <>
Subject: Re: Rootsweb El Nino Siege Continues.....
Date: Sun, 08 Feb 1998 14:13:43 +1100

At 14:19 7/02/98 -0800, Carl Backers wrote:
> wrote:
>> if it's of any help, us Northern Californians are supposed to get the
brunt of
>> the next storm.....hopefully it will smooth out by the time it gets
South and
>> you wonderful Root mothers can get some rest.....

Hello to the North,

If it's any comfort I can assure you that El Nino shares its favours
around. Here in Australia we had disastrous bushfires in NSW and Victoria
during early January. Later Townsville Nth Qld had 36 inches of rain in
a short period with large scale flooding.
Late January Katherine ,Northern Territory had its worst flood ever .
It's extremely hot and humid in my hometown, Maitland NSW and I am looking
forward to cooler weather.

I realise this may be "off topic" but El Nino should be kept in
perspective. Any chance of exporting it to IRAQ?regards... Allan Brownlee
East Maitland NSW Australia.

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