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From: linda Merle <>
Subject: Re: P. M. Tony Blair
Date: Sat, 07 Feb 1998 20:16:28 -0800

Hi Joan,

> Last time I checked into British politics, they were not into assassinations
> and late-night disappearances of political enemies or outspoken critics.

I'm sure a few Republicans would disagree, but its not the Gov
you are worrying about -- it's terrorists. They come in a couple
flavors over there. People are being murdered fairly frequently
over there and the bombing is hardly random. One of the things
I LIKE immensely about the people in NI is that when someone
dies, they care. It gets big press, the relatives are interviewed,
the funeral is filmed and the community grieves. A fair amount of
this is PR of course, but here in LA sometime people die and no one
cares, no one demands to know why, no one knows if they have funerals.

You can get free emails with news from NI with daily tallys and
a rant or two from politicians. I can look it up if you want or
you can search on the internet for the Belfast Telegraph .

> In fact I think we got our freedom of speech rights as part of our God-given
> heritage from the British. what I always heard, anyway.

A case can sure be made. Usually all that is good about us is
attribted to Thomas Paine and the French, but from what I've been
reading, a lot comes from rights won during the English Civil
War too. Or so Christopher Hill would have us beleive.

Linda Merle

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