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From: linda Merle <>
Subject: Re: re Second Sight
Date: Sat, 07 Feb 1998 23:23:15 -0800

Hi Tracy,

yes, it is an interesting thread!

Lemme see.. my Scots grannie, though very religious, was psychic. I
her talking about the experience of seeing my grandfather after his
She had expected to.

On the other side, my Ulster Scots grandfather had absolutely no interst
in this stuff. It was "irish", and exhibiting or being interested in
this kinda stuff was being rather Irish. He laughed at it as Irish

On the other hand his wife was a well known Irish fey. My grandmother
would fall into trances and saw fairies all the time. It was difficult
in the family to keep trace of who was dead and who was alive, because
the dead were talked about so much and were so present (and there were
a zillion relatives). There was the banshee too. All the women on that
side of the family are psychic.

My sister has had ancestors appear in dreams and tell her to go to
certain courthouses to get records. And in one dream, a great uncle
(whom we had never met) argued with the grandmother urging the
search. Turned out that great uncle had defrauded the grannie of some
land -- and the proof was in that courthouse! The twilight zone....

Sorry I can't figure out which here is Irish and which is Ulster
Scots -- I think me grandfather was wrong about it just being an
Irish thing (and thus of no consequence).

Linda Merle

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