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From: Bette Kosmolak <>
Subject: Re: re Second Sight
Date: Sun, 08 Feb 1998 00:24:51 -0800

In my family we say that someone whose intuition or 'second sight' is
fairly good, is a little 'fey.' (pronounced fay)

Burnside wrote:
> Hi
> Interesting thread. I thought the Second Sight, as practiced by our Celtic
> ancestors was more seeing things that were lost, or hidden, or seeing events
> far away, in space rather than time...a practical gift.
> Does anyone have sources on psychic abilities and the Scots Irish? Theres in
> interesting bit of history involving my family and the Big Levels near
> Lewisburg W.VA back before the Revolutionary War. A woman named Dennys was
> abducted by the Indians and taken to their town in Ohio. She escaped and
> made her way back to the Big levels. The Indians followed her and massacred
> several settlements.
> Anyway, this Dennys woman is said to have been a witch. The account I have
> says she developed this ability during her stay with the Indians. But, I
> thought the Indians were as negative towards witches (as opposed to Medicine
> MEN) as New Englanders. Anyway, she was said to be able to tame animals by
> whispering in their ears and to have had the ability to control the weather.
> This sounds alot like magic abilities I've read of in a Scottish context.
> Even though I believe that Dennys is a form of Donoghue. Anyway, she was
> apparently accepted by the Scots Irish community at Big Levels. I have read
> elsewhere that the Scots Irish were more tolerant of such magical abilities
> than other Protestants and that the mountain folk practiced certain
> practical magic, regulated activities by the moon and such.
> Does anyone have sources for ScotsIrish and/or Appalachians and various
> forms of magic? I was quite surprised, while touring through West Virginia
> and North Carolina to find
> businesses dealing in magical paraphenalia.
> Tracy

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